Touch Point Assessor Story For Brandscapes Worldwide

Industry Marketing Strategy Consulting

Brandscapes Worldwide, a Global name in Marketing Strategy Consulting developed a cutting-age tool (Touch Point Assessor) that measures Product Spends across territories, by mapping tangible and intangible reach.

I came up with a logo that was befitting the Global Reach and Superiority of ‘Brandscapes Worldwide’, while conveying the intention of the ‘Touch Point Assessor’ Tool, at first glance.

The hand is used to depict the industry appeal of the product in the market in an organic way, without which there’d be no Business Intelligence. The positioning of the fingers within, inform the viewer of conclusion with statistics while also showcasing the supremacy of Brandscapes Worldwide, in the industry. The moving circle represents 360 degree media keeping the base of TRP's. Finally blending the two, collectively help in concluding the optimum ROI for Brand spend.

The circle also represents Brandscapes Worldwides’ complete dedication towards Strategic Excellence on a continuous basis.

Assignment Logo Design, E-Brochure, Newsletter, Power Point Template

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