The Game Of Life Story

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The Game of Life is a signature workshop of author, entrepreneur, inspirational speaker and coach, Nidhika Bahl. She wants to see people come alive and feel the fire in their bellies . She wants to help them thrive in their passion and live a happy life. I turned to the lovely firefly for inspiration as the light produced by the fireflies is one of the most efficient light in the world. Besides, each one has their own flash pattern.

I also wrote a little write up that accurately describes the "Game of Life." "Although the night is damp, the little firefly ventures out, and slowly lights its lamp, even if the breeze is slow, the firefly never forgets to glow. You may want to be a doctor, engineer, artist or a good person, but all that firefly wants to do is to fly, to glow and have fun. You too are a firefly, don't just sit there feeling shy, you were not born to be so tame, remember life is just a game."

The graphical iteration of steps is used in the logo ( Game of Life ) to represent the idea that one must walk up in life, conquering over obstacles - one step at a time.

Assignment Logo Design, Stationery, Back drop design, Journal making, Brochure, Identity cards, t-shirts, The Game of Life planner, Standees.

Inspiration Fireflies

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