The Kaa ka Kindle Story

Industry Film Production House

Agency Senseware InfoMedia Pvt Ltd

Racket-tailed Drongo, a songbird with glossy black feathers, red garnet eyes and a crown on the head. It is admired for being able to mimic over 51 bird-calls, depending upon the species it wants to attract. Highly observant by nature, it uses its wide repertoire of bird calls for maximum effect.

Drongo is called as Kotwal in Marathi, Koshi in Gujarati, Kalkalachi in Sindhi, Kari bhujanga in Kannada, Kaaka tampuratti in Malayalam…so we named our lovely Drongo as Kaa and blended it with a Kindle as two of their primary verticals are regional cinema and digital film making.

A successful film production house strives to have a diverse portfolio of offerings, each one being targeted to a distinctive audience selection, so was born, "Kaa ka kindle" to represent a new age film production house.

Assignment Brand name, Logo Design, Story board for Logo animation

Inspiration Racket Tailed Drongo

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